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Bakra Mandi Janwar Prices for Qurbani 2022

Qurbani Animals for Sale in Bannu 2022

Sheep for sale for qurbani
Sheep » Baltistani Sheep
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPK, Bannu Rs. 35000
Aug 12, 2021

Qurbani animals for sale in Bannu are available online. Online maveshi mandi Karachi has janwar more than any bakra cow mandi or olx etc. Qurbani Online in Bannu to buy at discounted sale price or sell.

Bannu Bakra Mandi Janwar


Kundi Buffalo

Nili Ravi Buffalo

Other Buffalo


Achai Bull

Australian Bull

Bhagnari Bull

Brahman Bull

Cholistani Bull

Dajjal Bull

Dhanni Bull

Holstein Friesian Bull

Jersey Bull

Kankreg Bull

Other Bull

Rojhan Bull

Sahiwal Bull


Bagri Camel

Brela Camel

Cambelpuri Camel

Dhatti Camel

Kachhi Camel

Morecha Camel

Other Camel


Achai Cow

Australian Cow

Bhagnari Cow

Cholistani Cow

Dajjal Cow

Dhanni Cow

Other Cow

Sahiwal Cow


Alpine Goat

Angora Goat

Baltistani Goat

Barbari Goat

Bari Goat

Beetal Goat

Beiari Goat

Buchi Goat

Chappar Goat

Damani Goat

Gulabi Goat

Jattal Goat

Kajli Goat

Kamori Goat

Nachi Goat

Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Other Goat

Pahari Goat

Pateri Goat

Rajanpuri Goat

Sindh Desi Goat

Tapri Goat

Teddy Goat

Tharki Goat


Afridi Sheep

Bahawalpuri Sheep

Balochi Sheep

Baltistani Sheep

Bibrik Sheep

Buchi Sheep

Cholistani Sheep

Dumbi Sheep

Kajli Sheep

Kooka Sheep

Other Sheep

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