Buy Camel For Qurbani

Photos of Camel on this page are not real. You have to choose on the basis of Age and Weight of the alive Camel. It is guaranteed that all the Camel animals will be applicable / valid for qurbani as per Islamic Laws and rules. We can send Camel to your address directly from our Animal Farm / location to your address or charity organization after payment confirmation.

Animals with pictures are coming soon, so you can buy Bakra as per picture.

You can either send us email directly to our email address which is [email protected] or purchase Camel online.

Animals are delivered in Islamabad, Rawalpindi only. Normal maindani Bakra & Dumba are available at the rate of 1000 Rs. per kg, live animals. Normal bulls are available at the rate of 500 Rs. per kg, animal by live weight. Once you paid, we can deliver to your address directly, 1500 Rs. delivery charges applicable. Viewing at site facility is not available. Animals will be valid for Qurbani as per Islamic laws.

Weight: 650KG
Price: 400000 Rs.
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Weight: 700KG
Price: 440000 Rs.
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Weight: 500KG
Price: 390000 Rs.
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Weight: 600KG
Price: 430000 Rs.
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