Sell Animals Online for Qurbani at Eid

Do you want to sell your Bakra, Cow, Sheep, Camel for Qurbani?

Do you have a animal farm and want to sell your animals including Bakra, Goat, Bull, Cow, Camel or Dumba (lamb) for Eid-ul-Azha, Bari Eid, Eid-e-Qurban? If yes, please contact us now at 92-313-5040795. Or you can send us an inquiry using our Contact Us page. We can help you to sell your animals online without any hectic effort of visiting Animal Mandi.

Please contact us only if you are seirous, we can porvide you form so that you can fill your animal details and pictures for online selling. Call now at 0313-5040795

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