Safety Tips

There is no particular method to find the fraudulent seller or buyer. You should have good judgment about the mobile phones and keep the following tips in your mind:

How to sell safely?

How to buy safely?

How to take care about the safety of your account

Never share the login and password of your account. You should set the difficult password, which should be comprised of minimum 6 characters, in which at least one digit should be included. For safety reasons, do not store the password in the browser. If you know that someone knows your password, you should replace with new one.

How to take special care?

If the price of the product is undervalued, you should take great care of it. Pay special attention if the seller hesitates to collect the product personally after you requested on the site or send COD. When you are dealing a transaction with the user, whose account was found recently on the site or when it is written in a way that seems like a template or automatically translated. In case of ads from "Free" category, transfer the money after completion of the shipment.

What should I do if I suspect someone to be fraudulent buyer or seller?

Please contact us at Legal Issues, if you suspect that anyone can act fraudulently on We also urge you to report to the Police authorities immediately if you have been victimized by a fraud.

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